Уважаемые клиенты!

AVS Consulting Group прекращает свою деятельность. С июля 2017 года техническая поддержка клиентов трейдера Nutellonka будет осуществляться силами команды трейдера только по электронной почте support@nutellonka.com. Поддержка клиентов по скайпу осуществляться не будет. Приносим извинения за причиненные неудобства.


Dear clients,

AVS Consulting Group ceases operations. From July 2017, Nutellonka’s clients technical support will be provided by the trader’s team by e-mail support@nutellonka.com only. Sorry for any inconvenience causes.

All information located on this site is provided on the basis of openness and authenticity. All trading results are checked for authenticity and reality on www.myfxbook.com. As a result AVS Consulting Group does not assume any responsibility for the accuracy and for any damage arising from the investment activity of our customers. AVS Consulting Group makes recommendations only and in no way affects to the decision which is made by investors. When using material from this site link to the source is required.


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